TP Vision

TP Vision is a dedicated company in the world of visual digital entertainment; fully committed to the renowned Philips TV brand.


Vivante is taking computer graphics to the next level by bringing handheld and home entertainment screens to life.


Polycom is a multinational corporation selling telepresence and voice communication solutions. Using Polycom telepresence, video, and voice solutions and services, people connect and collaborate from their desktops, meeting rooms, class rooms, and mobile settings. 


High End Android based TV Platform Project

Development of a completely new TV platform from scratch using the Android OSP as the basis. Our role is to develop a “platform SDK” , introducing support for TV media playback formats and graphics optimization. Design and implement an Android based framework scalable across different HW platforms. Porting and optimization on specific HW platforms.

Architecture consultancy for creating new nice market Android product

Due to cost reduction and user experience issues, the customer decided to migrate its Linux/Java based  software stack to Android. We provided  consultancy services and helped to integrate their existing Linux based  system services to Android.

We managed to cover a large set of technologies required for integration:

• Graphics/Video integration
• Remote control integration.
• Graphics performance optimisation
• Integration of Linux native services with Android.
• Performance and boot-time optimisations.
• Integration low level Linux services with Android Power Manager.

Technologies Used: DM8168 Netra, Linux Kernel, Android Framework

Graphics performance optimisation of a tablet of an Asian OEM

Several weeks before production start of the customer's new tabet, there was a major problem with the device performance. We provided on-site support, resolved the major technical problems and significantly increased the system performance. Optimisations where done in the GPU drivers, in power management modules and in the OS. The product was launched in the scheduled time.

Platform: CE4100 
Technologies areas: Project Management, Lead Programming, Architecture, Qt, Android

Development of a Qt based SmartTV platform integrating a SurfaceFlinger graphics composition system for a European TV OEM

We headed the development of a Qt based SmartTV platform. To support the legacy graphics libraries and integrate it with the new UI, we developed a SurfaceFlinger based graphics composer. This allowed the simultaneous composition of surfaces/windows from different graphics frameworks like Qt, Android, DirectFB and display it on the same screen. Using this innovative idea, the customer was able to leverage from the high level of maturity of SurfaceFlinger and from the availability of  Android baseports on popular chipsets.

Graphics & Multimedia framework development & optimisations on low cost mobile platform

Development of graphics and multimedia services for an Application Framework, highly optimized for performance and small RAM/ROM footprint

•  Designed and implemented a 2D software rendering engine for
    high performance applications and games, with hardware
    acceleration if present.
•  Designed and implemented a display driver API (DI3) with support for
    multiple pixel formats (RGB, YUV), displays and 2D hardware acceleration.
    This included full emulation of all features on PC.
•  Optimized JPEG decoder for ARM7, achieving <2 seconds  decode
    &amp; rescaling time for 10 MPix baseline JPEG on 57MHz cpu.
•  Alpha blending UI layers through SW routines, optimized for ARM7.
•  Integrated third party TrueType font rendering library and optimized it for
•  Designed and helped implement an image format transcoder.
•  Integration of the Hybrid OpenGL solution into the platform.
•  Integrated a 2D acceleration chip with the rendering system.
•  Worked on OpenGL like API for high performance 3d rendering.
•  Developed new compression algorithm for storage of graphics on mobile
•  Redesigned Audio playback service and integrated new proprietary
    multimedia engine.
•  Designed and implemented SVG rendering service, and integrated 3rd party
    solution from BitFlash.

Technologies Used:  ARM7 based platforms

Graphics Driver Framework development

Design and development of a completely new graphics driver framework, adding support for OpenGL ES  hardware acceleration of UI rendering. Performance optimizations in LCD and touch screen drivers.

Technology used:  Infineon S-GOLD2

UI framework development and optimization

Development of UI framework on High End Audio Produt, focusing on a highly polished user experience.
•  Updated the UI framework to allow quick prototyping using xml based descriptions.
•  Designed/implemented a reflection system for properties which was used for the UI 
    controls and animation system.
•  Designed/implemented a WPF based tool to inspect/modify the current UI window tree 
    at run-time.
•  Designed/implemented the UI event system.
•  Helped to design the UI layout algorithms and controls.
•  Worked on the design and implementation of various UI effects related to scrolling
•  Worked on the design and implementation of a transition system.

Technologies used:  Freescale MPC5121e (32bit PowerPC, AXE (DSP) and MBX (3D acc))

Design of a multi-display Android system for an US based multinational corporation

Creating a full vertical software solution across the Android software stack. Updating the kernel and user space GPU drivers for supporting graphics and video on multiple displays. Heavy rewrite of Android framework, HAL and SurfaceFlinger to run applications on any number of displays. Modifying the emulator to support multiple displays.
Platform: TI DM8168, OMAP 4460, Android ICS
Technology areas: Android Framework, Java, Linux Kernel drivers, C/C++


Bluetooth Low Energy device serving
as second display to a Smartphone

Development of HW and SW platform for a remote display product communicating
with a Smart Phone application over Bluetooth Low Energy on iOS and Android devices:

•  Designed and developed HW prototype in product form factor
•  Implemented compression algorithm to reduce bandwidth requirements and minimize  
    power consumption.
•  Designed and developed Embedded SW and optimized drivers on remote display 
    device to minimize power consumption and improve responsiveness of device.
•  Developed custom BLE drivers for several Android handsets to achieve stable BLE
•  Developed iOS and Android smart phone applications as background services to
    handle communication between the phone and the remote display device

Technology used:  Nordic Semiconductor BLE 4.0 SoC – nRF51822, 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU , iOS, Android, Ink Paper display